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More about Ellie Arnold and Cloelia

Helena est magistra in Massachusetta vitam degens. Eius liber Cloelia: Puella Romana gratis Portabili Documenti Forma (PDF) accipi apud paginas eius potest. Helena, auctrix laudanda, quoque gregi Latine loquentium praeest. Si una cum Helena et aliis per “Google Hangouts” colloqui velis, plus hic apud paginas eius leges. Ellie is a… Read more »

Where to get “Pluto: Fabula Amoris”

In this week’s episode, we mentioned Pluto: Fabula Amoris, a novella by Rachel Ash and Miriam Patrick. You can find more information about the novella on Rachel and Miriam’s blog (which is also an excellent resource for Latin teachers new to comprehensible input). Check it out here: