QDP Ep 61: De Colloquio Tandem Redintegrato

Hoc in colloquio tres amici tandem iterum una versantur.

Umquamne legistis opus Ciceronis de Amicitia? Quin legatis et proponatis quosdam locos nobis tractandos? Quod facere potestis aut hac in pagina (infra) aut pipiando (“tweeting”) @QDicitur–adicite #QDPod61.

Creative Commons LicenseQuomodo Dicitur? Podcast: Episode 61 by Justin Slocum Bailey, Gus Grissom, and Jason Slanga is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

2 thoughts on “QDP Ep 61: De Colloquio Tandem Redintegrato

  1. Bigus

    Hey. This might not be the comment in Latin that you’d be expecting, but I gotta say, this is awesome, I am happy that I found this. Gives me the motivation and also the listening practice for learning latin. I find this more accesible than Cicero 😛 and I can listen while I’m cooking or folding paper so it’s really good. Best of all is that I can actually understand enough to know what you’re talking about. Only I couldn’t write this all in Latin.
    Just wanted to let you know…

    1. Iustus Post author

      Thanks for the comment! No worries about writing in English. Listening while doing other stuff is a great idea. All the best in your Latin learning!


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